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Artist Resources

Artists are working in all sorts of wonderful ways to create better harmony with their arts practise and the environment. We invite you to explore and be inspired.

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Be a Climate Change leader

Lead by example.

  • Don't use throw away plastic bottles on stage

  • Go to peaceful and legal protests

  • Sell ethical merchandise

  • Tour responsibly

  • Offset your carbon

  • Speak up about issues to media

  • Have transport guides on your ticketing information

  • Donate part of your ticket sales / merch to a cause you feel strongly about

  • Wear your heart on your sleeve and talk about Climate Change at your shows

Clean up your drinks rider and become a #BYOBottle artist ambassador

Firstly, start using our Green Drinks Rider text for all of your shows and festivals.

"We travel with our own reusable water bottles, in order to cut down on the unnecessary waste and environmental damage caused by disposable bottles. Please ensure that jugs or refilling stations with cold and room temperature water are made available for us to use.  We encourage you to consider phasing out disposable water bottles across your business and providing free water refilling stations to punters, staff and artists. Green Music Australia is happy to help:

Using this text tells venues and festivals loud and clear that you do not want disposable bottles provided as part of your drinks rider, but you do want jugs, taps or refilling stations made available. By doing that, you not only avoid using them yourself, but you also draw the issue to the attention of the venues and festivals you play at.

Simply cut and paste the text in and start using it straight away!

See more about our BYO Bottle campaign here.


Reduce your waste

Every bit of plastic that’s ever been created still exists somewhere on the planet. So, instead of dealing with the mess, try to avoid creating it in the first place. In the words of one of the world's greatest singing activists:


But when that's impossible...

  • Make sure you BYO reusable bottle (we love Ocean Bottle, Frank Green and EarthBottles), as well as other reusable items like bags, straws, keep cups and foodware/cutlery
  • Aim for less or no packaging on items like food and cosmetics (check out this guide for zero-waste beauty)
  • Ask your venues to help you make your shows green and use our green rider
  • Compost and recycle as much as possible
  • Buy second-hand where possible, and repair broken gear before you replace it



In Australia, touring large distances is unavoidable - the average tour of Australia with 15 shows creates 28 tonnes of carbon emissions, and how your audience gets your shows is the biggest contributing factor! Encourage low-impact transport, carefully plan your route, and offset emissions to reduce your environmental impact. Our top tips include:

  • Collaborate with our awesome friends over at FEAT. to offset your emissions and invest in renewables 
  • Encourage fans to take public transport, ride or carpool to your gig through venue selection and ticketing incentives - work with ethical, non-profit ticketing providers like Humanitix if you can, whose profits go to sustainable projects like literacy programs for young girls!
  • Tour with as little flying as possible



Our food choices, including where we source produce from, what type of food we consume, and how much we order, are hugely important to our environmental footprint. Nasty agricultural practices spread toxins, damage land, and hurt animals, and food waste is a major contributor to global warming. 

You can change this by eating less meat; buying locally from farmer’s markets and bulk food stores; and reducing your food waste. At shows, choose catering companies and food concession stands that can provide local, mainly-vegetarian food, and work with organisations like OzHarvest if waste is unavoidable.


Fashion & Merch

Australians buy an average of 27 kilograms of new textiles each year, and then discard about 23 kilograms into landfill, two-thirds of those being predominantly plastic fibers that don’t break down, and contribute to the microplastics in our oceans. To change this fast fashion trend, both personally and in your merch sales, consider:

  • Shopping/sourcing clothes locally, from recycled materials and/or ethical brands if you can
  • Scrutinise the necessity of your consumption
  • Shop second hand in op-shops, and remember to mend instead of throwing out (there are endless online tutorials on how you can get creative with old clothes, trust us.)
  • Look for fair trade certification and boycott brands that harm the earth!



Now you’re aware and educated about these incredibly important issues, we want to help you to spread the word. You can start small, by just talking to your friends, family and crew - but we’d love for more artists to share info on social media, talk about the issues at their shows, and bring sustainable climate action to the forefront of everyone’s minds. Musicians have the cultural power to shift norms and change our society for the better – so let’s get cracking!