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Resources for music lovers

Around the world people are creating wonderful new ways to live in harmony with the environment. We encourage you to explore what others are doing, be inspired, and get involved.


Waste reduction

Every bit of plastic that’s ever been created still exists somewhere on the planet. So, instead of dealing with the mess, try to avoid creating it in the first place:

  • Make sure you BYO reusable bottle (we love Ocean Bottle, Frank Green and EarthBottles), as well as other reusable items like bags, straws, keep cups and foodware/cutlery to festivals and music events
  • Aim for less or no packaging on items like food and cosmetics (check out this guide for zero-waste beauty)
  • Compost and recycle as much as possible
  • Buy second-hand where possible, and repair broken belongings before you replace them


How fans get to music shows is the biggest impact on a show's carbon footprint! Carefully plan your route to music shows and remember to try and tak public transport, ride or carpool.


Our food choices, including where we source produce from, what type of food we consume, and how much we order, are hugely important to our environmental footprint. Nasty agricultural practices spread toxins, damage land, and hurt animals, and food waste is a major contributor to global warming. You can change this by eating less meat; buying locally from farmer’s markets and bulk food stores; and reducing your food waste. 

Fashion & Merch

Australians buy an average of 27 kilograms of new textiles each year, and then discard about 23 kilograms into landfill, two-thirds of those being predominantly plastic fibers that don’t break down, and contribute to the microplastics in our oceans. To change this fast fashion trend, both personally and in your merch sales, consider:

  • Shopping/sourcing clothes locally, from recycled materials and/or ethical brands if you can
  • Scrutinise the necessity of your consumption
  • Shop second hand in op-shops, and remember to mend instead of throwing out (there are endless online tutorials on how you can get creative with old clothes, trust us.)
  • Look for fair trade certification and boycott brands that harm the earth!


Now you’re aware and educated about these incredibly important issues, we want to help you to spread the word. You can start small, by just talking to your friends and family - but we’d love for more music lovers to share info on social media, talk about the issues when they can, and bring sustainable climate action to the forefront of everyone’s minds.